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Tangle: Aww... He faww down, go boom!
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Anonymous1: There's pretty much no way this won't end well.
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Anonymous2: @Tangle: Haha, seriously? I tried to post that exact same thing just now.
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Anonymous3: And with all of his might and strength, the great and powerful
Fluffenator slams down to the surface with his mighty weapon, damaging the evil and dispicable Smarty, and with all the force and speed of the fluffenators weapon, the knockback sends him right into the depths of the death-river, along with the fluffenator whom to this day is the great hero for saving the world from the Smarty

But, in reality:

Fluffy jumps off of a table with a cue tip and makes a slicing movement when he almost reaches ground, then lands in his own water bowl and drowns